Bobby! You are the last of One Leap to graduate from the halls of Franklin. Congratulations! Your drum solos will forever echo on. We hope you do well in whatever you do. - One Leap

Merry Christmas and make sure you check out One Leap's lead guitarist Hunter Steer's myspace music page! Amazing songs from a very talented artist. We're proud of you, Hunter!. - One Leap

Congratulations to Seattle's Franklin High School '06 graduates! We wish you the best and good luck to all of you. - One Leap

We have removed the Demo Tracks Mp3s from our Multimedia page. New versions of One Leap songs, live tracks, and additional new songs will be re-recorded for an official album release later this year under One Leap frontman Joseph Shih. Stay tuned and sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date. - Joe

Donate Now
Please lend your much needed support to Hurricane Katrina victims and donate now. Thanks. - One Leap

The BBQ was fun! Not a whole lot of people came, which actually worked out because we had enough food to throw a second one that same night, which ended up with more people. Then at midnight we had to relocate and we ended up playing The Game of Life, Ma Jiang, and cooking more short ribs on a stove top at Kriangkrai's house. Thanks Kriangkrai for your help, Alan for the grill (which we still have to pick up and return), Tony for the front yard, and everyone who showed up. It was great to see people I haven't seen in a while and catch up. Hope you all had fun! - Joe

The One Leap BBQ is set! It will be held on Sunday, August 21st. It will start at 3:00 in the afternoon and go on till whenever Joe decides to leave =) just kidding. Anyways, the BBQ will be held
at Tony Nguyen's house just two blocks off of Rainier Ave S and Graham St (Click here for driving directions). His yard is so big, it's like he owns half the block so you can't miss it. Free food all afternoon so make sure you drop on by. We might even perform one or two acoustic songs, but we're not sure. Heck, we're not even positive the whole band will be there. The food will definitely be there though =P and lots of it. Everyone is welcomed so see you all there! - Joe

You may have been hearing talks of a One Leap BBQ coming up in August... well it's true! The date and location is still in the question, but we are planning a day of free food and live music. Fans and close friends are not only invited, but encouraged and borderline begged to come. It will most likely be held in someone's backyard. We'll have a stereo going and then turn it off for
maybe one or two sets of short acoustic performances here and there. This is a small event with lots of food so don't expect a stage, mic, or anything. Just an afternoon of pigging out! Make sure you check back when we announce the date of the barbecue or if you're lazy, you can sign up for our mailing list on the left side of this page and we will send an e-mail to you when we have the date set. See ya guys all there! - Joe

BRAND SPANKING NEW SITE!!! OneLeapMusic.com is finally up! So much stuff added. Make sure you check out our Multimedia page. All of the live recordings from our SAVE THE CHILDREN CONCERT in June are there. There's also a VIDEO!!! of the entire night! All for everyone to download and share! There are pictures, stories, and a bunch of other stuff so go browse around. Enjoy! - Joe

June 14, 2005!!! Another awesome concert! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did playing for you all. After some expenses paid, we were able to raise and donate $44.04 to UNICEF Music for Relief. We did not raise as much as we hoped for, but anything helps. Thanks everyone for supporting us and making it happen! You guys are great! See ya'll later, '05! - Joe

Just in update on the concert: the playlist for Tuesday evening June 14th, 2005 is COMPLETE and AWESOME! All that's left is to rehearse. Everything sounds great. Come check it out. Visit our Tour Dates page for more info. - Joe

One Leap SAVE THE CHILDREN Concert is set! The date is TUESDAY JUNE 14, 2005. Check out our Tour Dates page for more info. We are also doing a demo performance on Tuesday June 7, 2005 in the Auditorium during lunch. We will sell tickets there. Come check us out! Thanks!
UNICEF Music for Relief - Joe

NEW SONG UPLOADED! FINALLY!!! This new & hot one is called "It's Your Lost". It's about a girl who this guy use to like, but then she chose someone else over him. And now after getting over her in a split second, he realized that they would not have worked out. The other thing is that it seems that the guy she chose was also not a right pick and that they are eventually going to break. *Whew... some clowning lyrics in this one! You can check it out yourself now only on our personal page at Pure Volume. Enjoy! - Joe (Sample no longer there 07/11/05)

You've might've heard rumors going around about another One Leap concert in June at Franklin High School. Well... it's true. We are right now trying really hard to put it on. The date may be Tuesday June 21, 2005. It will be a benefit concert for UNICEF Music for Relief. We are planning to play a couple of old songs and a some new stuff!!! I'm currently working on two new & awesome songs--"Missing Your Love" and "It's Your Lost". Also for a bonus, we will be playing one or two songs written by Hunter! It's gonna be another HOT concert. We can't wait! (Concert INFO will be put up on our Tour Dates page soon.) Please show your support for the June concert by posting on our Board. Thanks! - Joe

WOW!!! Just wow... You guys made the night of May 17th, 2005 very special to the band. It was great--we laughed... we cried... it was magical and FUN! The band very much enjoyed playing for the 100 some that came. Thanks for supporting us and hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did!
+ The FANS!
+ Will wearing sandals on stage.
+ Hunter being worried about breaking a string.
+ Hunter breaking a string right before we went on.
+ Bobby being the "cute" one.
+ Opening to the crowd.
My face bumping into the mic everytime I was "feeling" the music.
+ Gabe being fantastic!
+ Hitting the high notes in "2AM" with ease.
+ Singing "...Never thought I'd break that dance..." instead of "miss".
Watching Linda smile. =)
+ Watching Linda embarrassed. =D
+ Watching Linda get teased =P
+ Getting a hug and peck on the cheek from Linda =)
+ Calling Bobby "Hunter" and then saying the "F" word over the mic.
+ Hunter getting the crowd to clap to "I Wanna Be", then stopping them for certain moments, and then getting them to clap along again.
+ Bobby's dance/spasms to "Recognize".
+ Someone in the crowd yelling out "nice ass" when I bent down to pick up my acoustic guitar.
+ Ms. Smith laughing to some of my commentaries.
+ Missing a beat during "My Graduation Song".
+ Seniors cheering to "My Graduation Song" when I sing "...the graduating class of 2005".
+ Kriankrai many attempts to get me to play "Seattle Rain" as an encore and me shaking my head.
+ My "GOODNIGHT SEATTLE!" and people still not leaving.
+ Having a great show.
+ Having an awesome audience!
+ Being rushed by only guys after the show for autographs.
+ Seeing the 180+ professional pictures Pam took that night (5 of them are on our Pure Volume page, some here and some entire photo album to come). Thanks Pam!
+ Applebee's.
+ Listening to "The Story" (inside joke.. sorry).
+ Hunter pumped and wanting to do it again!
+ The entire night being fun, amazing, and just simply magical!

Thank you all so much!

Our Multimedia page has been UPDATED!!! Go check out which ones made the cut and which ones didn't. We also have the lyrics to two newly released songs "Promise" and "Recognize"!!! Samples will follow eventually! Thanks! - Joe

One Leap IN CONCERT posters are up on the walls!!! Have you noticed?!?! ANYWAYS Ticket and Show info can be found here. GO GET YOUR TICKETS!!! - Joe

There is now a tag board here!!! Open our Board and leave us a quick note! - Joe (Now located on home page 07/11/05)

So we were in rehearsal yesterday and the band decided that my newly written "I Wanna Be" could use a story on top of the song. So I did a narration over the intro and bridge during rehearsals and they loved it. A couple of hours later, I find myself home infront of my mic recording my voice over the intro and bridge of my earlier recording of "I Wanna Be". It's actually not that bad, but its a bit cheesy. Go check it out now only on our personal page at Pure Volume. It explains the story behind the song. It's hot! - Joe (Sample no longer there 07/11/05)

May 17th 2005!!! Set aside your calendar because the date is set. It's One Leap IN CONCERT. Come see us! - Joe

I have just finished "I Wanna Be" today. It's a wonderful soft song about a guy and a girl, where guy likes girl, guy asks girl, but girl says no! (sigh... yes another one about girls) You can check it out now only on our personal page at Pure Volume. It's very raw, but still sounds great. Thumbs UP!!! - Joe (Sample no longer there 07/11/05)


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