19 Year Old Girls
By Joseph Shih


So yet another song about Linda. This was the one that I felt brought everything to some closure. During the beginning of our senior year. I was depressed so much by the thought of me loosing my chance and allowing my scared self to take over. I kept telling myself, I wish I had never saw your face and I wish I had never spoke your name. I realized I was still not over her. I drew back from her when ever I could, thinking space between us would help me get over her, but I was wrong. I got deeper and deeper into my depression, but just held it all in with a smile.

One day, just roaming the halls of our Franklin High School, I bumped into Linda on the stairs and we ended up talking for a long while. I realized at that point that to get over her, I'd have to get closer. Kind of weird I thought, but the thing is that I felt a lot better when I did talk to her. I realized for me to get over her, I had to stop searching for a "relationship", and instead search for a friendship. This didn't come to me all at once, but the more I interacted, the more it became clear.

Someone recently asked, what if she asked you out? I'd say sure, why not? It'll be two friends going out to see a movie or something. I'd love to hang out and just "kick-it". As long as we're friends I'm happy. I don't anymore wonder about what could've happened between us or what could happen between us, I only wonder about what's happening now.

Yeah I still love her--I still care. I promised I'll always be there.

Two years have past since we first met and now looking back, I realize that I am truly in debt to Linda. If it wasn't for her, I would've never gotten out there on the dance floor, I would've never had the guts to approach a girl, I would've never had taken any risks, I would've never stopped taking everything so seriously, I would've never had fun, I would've never written a song, I would've never gotten in front of people and performed, I would've never gotten to where I am now. So Linda, this isn't just another song about you ('cause there are already many of those *wink *wink), it's for you. Thanks!



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