One Leap comes from the wonderful musical breeding grounds of Seattle, Washington and offers their fresh pop/rock and alternative rock tunes to anyone who's willing to listen. Lead singer/songwriter Joseph Shih created One Leap with bass player William Cheung, named for the previous four years they had known each other and also named for the four years of high school where the inspirations of Joe's songs originated (1 leap year in February / 4 years).
While One Leap was still in search for a drummer, guitarist Hunter Steers impressed Joe with his fancy guitar licks, influenced by the great Jimi Hendrix, and joins the band. Recommended by Hunter, the band recruits drummer Robert (Bobby) Holloway IV and slowly begins rehearsals.
Up till May of 2005, One Leap focused on rehearsing for their IN CONCERT event held at Franklin High School in May of '05. The concert was a presentation put together for lead singer/songwriter Joseph Shih's senior project. It went awesome and received a score of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale!
In June of 2005, One Leap followed their successful performance in May with a concert in June of '05 where proceeds went toward a charitable fund.
Now after two successful concerts, One Leap is headed back to the garage to write, re-shape, re-think, and condition their songs for the future.
One Leap is definitely looking forward to performing another concert sometime soon so make sure you check back for new upcoming shows and sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date with the latest and most accurate info.
We thank our peers and fans for supporting us all the way. You guys are the best!